More ways to connect

These have been strange times, and now more than ever – we need connection.
Technology, for all its downfalls has proven to be a lifeline here.
Don’t underestimate the use of facetime, video chat or zoom. Whilst it isn’t quite the same, it can help us keep that feeling of connectedness to others.
Whilst out on walks, remember to connect with your surroundings! Sit down and take a moment. Slow down and notice.
Just taking a little time each day can help keep you on a level, and if you can extend that to a walk and talk with someone else; lovely.
I now see clients via zoom, which started because of the pandemic, but has actually started to be some people’s preferred option. It also means I can see people from further afield.
I also offer walk and talk sessions! These work pretty similarly to ‘in the room’ sessions, but of course involve walking outdoors. Whilst there are certain extra factors to bear in mind, the combination of therapeutic discussion, alongside being in and connecting with the outdoors, can be of great benefit. Many have chosen to work in this way,and have never looked back.
So, whether just trying to keep connected in these strange times; or whether looking to access sessions with a difference; there are ways to keep connected, and it’s so so important!
Take care of yourselves